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Master of Art – 2 Year Program


The Master of Arts (MA) is a two-year graduate program that focuses on the study of arts, humanities, and select branches of social science. The MA curriculum is designed to teach students how to think critically, examine arguments, and express their own opinions. Discussion is a big part of most MA degree programs. Those who earn an MA in fields like sociology, literature, and psychology might find satisfying careers both in India and abroad. There is a large pool of private and public sector employment prospects in India and overseas for graduates of this program.

Course Objective :

  • Those seeking a professional foothold in the arts and social sciences can consider enrolling in the Master of Arts program. Aspirants can start professions in a variety of fields, including English, Finance, Political Science, Psychology, and Mass Communication, to mention a few, depending upon the type of MA program they choose to enroll in.

  • The relative significance of the long-standing appeal of the MA degree program cannot be overstated. Participants in this course will get a foundational understanding of topics related to their existing domains of expertise; this will prepare them to continue their education and pursue careers in their chosen sectors. Students pursuing this degree will be able to learn about the most up-to-date methods and tools in their chosen fields.

  • The MA shows a more conventional approach to applying theory. In this course, we ask students to consider business theories from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and ethics.

Eligibility for Admission :
  • Graduate 
Course Duration :
  • The course can be completed in a period of 24 months.

Fee Details


Rs. 42000/-


Rs. 45000/-


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