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Master of Commerce – 2 Year


The Master of Commerce (M.Com) program is a two-year program focused on business and financial innovation. The focus of this curriculum is on preparing students for responsible positions in the business and financial sectors. M.Com degree opens doors for graduates in the fields of mutual fund brokerage, financial bookkeeping, budget analysis, and management consulting.

Course Objective :

  • The Master of Commerce degree is highly sought after by students in India. Students can tailor their M.Com studies to their own schedules, interests, and skill sets by choosing from a variety of specialties and course options. The M.Com degree is a well-regarded program that helps students get ready for successful professions in economics and commerce.

  • The field of M.Com is quite varied, and there is a sea of possibilities made possible by the rapid development of new technologies. M.Com grads are in high demand for professions that require significant responsibility, such as financial analyst and supervisor, in today’s era of startups and the rise of entrepreneurship.

  • M.Com graduates who are able to secure internships at industry leaders like Infosys and Dell will have a much more impressive portfolio of work experience to highlight upon graduation. The primary function of investment bankers is to help their clients access the capital market to issue debt or sell shares of stock in order to expand finance. Finance grads can find work in a variety of fields, including consulting and advisory services, bookkeeping and business analysis, stock broking, and more.

  • The Master of Commerce degree program is narrow in scope. Candidates for the M.Com can contend with MBA graduates thanks to the program’s emphasis on disciplines including Management Theory, Institutional Management, and Governance Model. Compared to a CA program, an M.Com course is substantially shorter and has a similar length to an MBA program.

Eligibility for Admission :

M. Com eligibility criteria are too very flexible. To pursue an online and distance Master of Commerce in Education one has to be completed graduation from any recognised university. There are no entrance examinations for admission in this course.

Course Duration :

  • The Online M.Com Program can be completed in a period of 2 to 4 Year.

Fees Details


Rs. 45000/-


Rs. 50000/-


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